Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Vintage Nubble Lighthouse

I'm working on a new block print of an iconic Maine lighthouse--Nubble Light. I used an old photograph that I had taken probably back in the 1980s. There have been some recent renovations, to the facade of the house, since I took my photo, but I'm sticking with the vintage image.

Carving away the white areas first

Sunday, February 3, 2019

February Cold

It's been a very cold few weeks around here! Many days of below zero temperatures, and several snow events. Today was milder, and I went out for a nice long walk this afternoon. I often stop and photograph a small stream along the way, and today it was completely frozen over, which I haven't seen before.

What's funny about New England weather is that it can change so quickly. The forecast for this week calls for a very mild 50 degree day on Tuesday, then back to the cold again for next weekend!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year 2019!

Happy New Years to all! Looking forward to a year of new adventures and artworks. I woke up this first morning to a coating of snow. We have hardly had any of late, and no big storms in the near future. No complaints from me, as it is a lot easier to get around without messy roads and driveways.

Our turkey friends have been visiting us over Christmas break. There are 13 regulars who wander around the neighborhood looking for food. They are drawn to our bird feeders, and the seeds that have fallen on the ground.

My husband took these photos a few days ago. There is one big male with a waddle and beard. The rest appear to be females and youngsters.

January 1st is usually my traditional day to take down the Christmas tree, and I plan to do that this afternoon.  We had a wonderful Christmas with our families. My eldest daughter and her new husband brought their dog for on overnight on Christmas Eve. We worried about how our cat would like the interloper in the house, but she stayed out of sight and all was peaceful. The dog, Homer was a gentleman, and everyone enjoyed his company (all the humans).

My mom and Homer

 Christmas Morn

Wiley on the move (fluffy tail)

Best Wishes for 2019!

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Tis The Season

December has been a busy month with several art shows, some custom orders, and the overall Holiday Season! How quickly the time is flying with Christmas just barely over a week away!
The tree is up, the decorations are out, and most of my shopping is done--thanks to the convenience of on-line ordering.

Wiley as usual was supervising.
I have been working on this print for awhile, and finally finished it Friday night. It was a challenging project, and I struggled a bit with some of my color choices, and the sequencing of the layers. The finished prints are hanging up, as the multiple layers of ink will take a while to dry completely. 


Best wishes for a Merry Christmas!!

Friday, November 23, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

I enjoyed a very happy Thanksgiving day with my family yesterday! Turkey and all the fixings with my side of the family, and desserts with my husband's side. Of course everything was delicious, and I ate my way through the day! Below is the apple pie I made to bring for dessert.

I've been very busy getting ready for a few upcoming art shows this month. The first one is in Dover NH at the Woodman Museum.

                         These are the pieces that I have for sale in the Dover show.

Next Saturday, a group of artsy friends are setting up our wares at Corey's house in Manchester. 

I spent the afternoon today, working on a custom order that I wanted to get finished. Of course Wiley found her favorite spot to supervise my progress.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Art Shows and Halloween

The month of October is almost over, and I'm scrambling to get some new work finished for the holiday season ahead. I'm participating in an Art Sale at my friend Corey's house, the first of December. I'd like to have plenty of cards on hand, as well as some larger prints.

It's a fun time!

I've also been trying to do some weekly illustrations for Illustration Friday, but I've missed the deadline for the latest themes. So I'm posting the one here that I finally finished. The theme was cat.

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, September 30, 2018

The Big Event

It was an eventful September with the wedding of our oldest daughter taking center stage. All her meticulous planning came together with a fabulous event that took place on Cape Cod. She knew exactly what she wanted, and the weather cooperated with her wishes--thank goodness!

It was a wonderful weekend at a gorgeous location. We had so much fun, and were so pleased for the happy couple!

I took a lot of nature photographs during the weekend. I'm trying to find new ideas for my next printmaking project. There were so many horseshoe crabs washed up on the beach, and tons of seashells.

At the venue, there were many "Gyotaku" fish prints hanging on the walls. They are made using actual fish. Ink is applied to the fish, and then the fish's body is pressed onto paper. This one was displayed in three frames. Very Cool!