Saturday, May 18, 2019

Lots of Showers...Bring May Flowers

It has been a very wet, cool Spring this year. It seems like every day has had at least one shower in it. Happily, this weekend has been lovely so far, with temperatures in the 70s and plenty of blue sky. I came home Friday after a hectic week of work, and enjoyed a quiet respite on my back porch for the first time this month.

A brilliant Indigo Bunting has been hanging around the yard.

It's a busy time as the end of the school year approaches, and I'm looking forward to summer break to have more time to work on my prints. I finished carving the last layer of a new linoleum reduction blockprint, and inked up and printed a few to see how it looks.

Ellis Stream, Pinkham Notch, NH

I don't know if a winter scene is going to be popular in the summer, but I will have some of these available on June 8th. If you are local, stop by and enjoy some art and antiques.