Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jungle Dream

I'm working on this image for Illustration Friday this week. The theme is 'jungle" so I thought I'd incorporate Rousseau's painting "The Dream" into my drawing. I'm going to add color next but I wanted to get posted before Friday rolled around again.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Robot" Illustration Friday

Catching up on my Illustration Friday post! Hey, it's only Wednesday!

California Travels

While I was away from home, and not posting on my blog, I was traveling around parts of California with eight of my college friends. We've known each other at least 35 years, and we began holding summer reunions four years ago. Thanks to Facebook, we resumed our friendships. Now that the youngest of our children are 18 years old, we planned a big trip to California, to meet up with the two who have settled there. Two of us still live in New England, the others are in Maryland, Virginia, and Connecticut. The landscapes and the temperatures in the areas we visited are quite varied, and I'll share some of the pictures from my trip.

 Brunch in Santa Barbara
                                           The Art Fair along the beach in Santa Barbara

 Pacific Coast Highway

Elephant Seals
 Stopped for pie at Linn's in Cambria

 San Francisco Trolley Cars

 They say this is the pub where the first Irish Coffee originated. Good place to warm up as it was very cool and windy in the city
 The Golden Gate Bridge

 The "Painted Ladies" (fans of the Full House television show will recognize these)

 The view of San Francisco from Sausalito

 Muir Woods National Park featuring the giant Redwood trees

 Taking a break on the trail

 Napa Valley

 Rutherford Hills Winery   Beautiful flowers everywhere!

 Wine casks in Castello di Amorosa (nice and cool down there as it was a warm day outside)

 Lake Tahoe beach

 Heading down in the tram at Squaw Mountain

 View from the tram of windswept rock

Emerald Bay in South Tahoe

Now that I'm home again, I need to get back to creating some new artworks. I think my California vacation will be the inspiration for my next block print. Choosing from so many great images will be the biggest difficulty.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Illustration Friday "Protest"

"Eat your vegetables!"

Another hot and humid week in the forecast! It's hard to get any work done when everything you touch is sticky. I don't have central air, but I am making-do with fans.

I used an "AutoStitch" ap to combine a series of pictures from my back yard. The day lilies are all blooming this week. My husband has been working on a new path, and expanding his perennial garden. I think his goal is to eventually get rid of as much grass as possible, so there'll hardly be any grass to mow!

Monday, July 1, 2013


Illustration Friday---"Equality"

A week of hazy, hot, and humid, mixed with thunderstorms has been the description of our weather. The garden looks lush after all the rain and heat. My husband spends most of his free time planting and weeding all his perennial beds, and this week he's creating a new path and enlarging another area. I did help with some weeding yesterday, but it's really his passion, and I stick to my little vegetable garden, and the annuals.

The forecast calls for more of the same through Thursday, but hopefully more sun on Friday! This is a big vacation week as the Fourth of July falls on Thursday. I'm just happy I'm not camping in my tent this week!