Monday, July 1, 2013


Illustration Friday---"Equality"

A week of hazy, hot, and humid, mixed with thunderstorms has been the description of our weather. The garden looks lush after all the rain and heat. My husband spends most of his free time planting and weeding all his perennial beds, and this week he's creating a new path and enlarging another area. I did help with some weeding yesterday, but it's really his passion, and I stick to my little vegetable garden, and the annuals.

The forecast calls for more of the same through Thursday, but hopefully more sun on Friday! This is a big vacation week as the Fourth of July falls on Thursday. I'm just happy I'm not camping in my tent this week!


  1. Love it when that happens! I like the dog taking part here too.
    Kind of you to help with the weeding. Hope the weather has improved.

  2. Lovely! Just like sisters, and the dog is so cute! And a clever addition to even the scales. :)

  3. Such a clever "solution" to this topic. Pretty cute, too!

  4. Reminds me of summers past. Ahhhh, very nice.