Saturday, October 7, 2017

Birch Tree Print

Another semester of Printmaking at NHIA has begun, and I'm busy working on a new sunflower print. Only printed one layer so far, and I'm carving away those areas so I can print layer two.

I did finish the Birch tree block print last week. I printed on black Strathmore paper using Akua inks. The black paper underneath gives the inks a bit different tone. I had done another similar design a few years ago for a print exchange, and I didn't have any left. This one is a little bigger using an 8" x 10" EasyCut block.

Same prints-just a little variation in the colors

I'm not anxious to see this view out my window anytime soon. We're having a very humid and mild weekend here. It doesn't feel like October! When you live in New England, they say, "just wait a minute and it will change."