Wednesday, June 26, 2019

It's Summertime!

As much as I (usually) enjoy my job teaching art to high schoolers, I love summer as a time to refresh and reorganize my life!

I walked out of school on the last day, jumped into my friend's car, and headed off to Cape May, NJ, for a much needed vacation with the "Girls". When we were turning 50 (almost 10 years ago), and our kids were pretty much self sufficient, we started our annual tradition of getting together each summer. Close college friends and sorority sisters, we reconnected on Facebook, and picked up where we left off in the 1980s. We've travelled to California, Washington DC, Connecticut, Maine, Cape Cod, and parts of Virginia, over the years.

This year's trip to Cape May, NJ was a new adventure for all seven of us. We rented a house in walking distance from the beach, shops, and restaurants, but especially enjoyed scooting around on our rented bicycles.

I'm the cautious one wearing the helmet.

The beach was beautiful, and the water was warm enough for swimming. Just the right amount of waves for some breathless riding of the surf.

The best part was that we got great weather for out trip, while back in NH and other parts of the East Coast, they had a lot of rain all week! 

Hope to get back to Page and Jefferson for another adventure!