Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year 2019!

Happy New Years to all! Looking forward to a year of new adventures and artworks. I woke up this first morning to a coating of snow. We have hardly had any of late, and no big storms in the near future. No complaints from me, as it is a lot easier to get around without messy roads and driveways.

Our turkey friends have been visiting us over Christmas break. There are 13 regulars who wander around the neighborhood looking for food. They are drawn to our bird feeders, and the seeds that have fallen on the ground.

My husband took these photos a few days ago. There is one big male with a waddle and beard. The rest appear to be females and youngsters.

January 1st is usually my traditional day to take down the Christmas tree, and I plan to do that this afternoon.  We had a wonderful Christmas with our families. My eldest daughter and her new husband brought their dog for on overnight on Christmas Eve. We worried about how our cat would like the interloper in the house, but she stayed out of sight and all was peaceful. The dog, Homer was a gentleman, and everyone enjoyed his company (all the humans).

My mom and Homer

 Christmas Morn

Wiley on the move (fluffy tail)

Best Wishes for 2019!