Monday, July 8, 2013

Illustration Friday "Protest"

"Eat your vegetables!"

Another hot and humid week in the forecast! It's hard to get any work done when everything you touch is sticky. I don't have central air, but I am making-do with fans.

I used an "AutoStitch" ap to combine a series of pictures from my back yard. The day lilies are all blooming this week. My husband has been working on a new path, and expanding his perennial garden. I think his goal is to eventually get rid of as much grass as possible, so there'll hardly be any grass to mow!


  1. What a fun picture Jane, that little lad really looks quite fed up with his plate of veg ;0) It is steaming hot here too and my grass is looking a bit less green than in recent weeks. Your garden is really beautiful and the new path will be a great addition. Enjoy the summer x

  2. Sure looks like there's no way in heck that he's going to eat those veggies. Stay cool!

  3. Thanks for the comments---he ended up looking like a very stubborn kid! Maybe he's just grouchy because of the heat wave---I was getting a little cranky myself...

  4. Poor thing! Great touch with the bandaid! Also holy cow, what a beautiful yard! (I am also cranky from the humidity. Yuck.)