Sunday, July 26, 2009

Revisited my idea of a story about a mouse that wants to practise his diving at the local swimming pool. Need to work on the story itself to see if it has possibilities!

The hummingbirds are aggressively chasing each other other around the yard today. I saw one bird "muscle in" on a butterfly to get him off a bee balm flower this morning. They do not tolerate any competition! Also had a great blue heron fly low through the yard today, and then land in our neighbor's yard. That's unusual---I've never had one so close to the house, usually they are at the nearby lake or flying way up high over the house. Maybe it was a young one that got confused.
Week one of the 3 week challenge is completed. It's been a good motivator so far! Also got me looking back at projects and concepts that might be worth a second look.

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  1. He's so full of character Jane! I love the detail in the mouse and he really does appear to be diving in.