Saturday, September 19, 2009

This is the Day 6 image of the 7 day challenge. I'm a little behind schedule but hope to finish it up this weekend. The teacher in this illustration reminds me a little of my elementary school art teacher, Mrs. Cilley. She was my idol in grade school! She'd come to our room with her cart of supplies every week. I remember we had to mix powdered tempera paint in little cups. It was always so clumpy, never smooth. I loved when we drew and colored with craypas. She would often read us a fairy tale and we would have to illustrate a scene. One story was about a nightingale and an emperor. Another was Jack in the Beanstalk. I still remember the drawings. I wish I could find a picture of Mrs. Cilley to bring back more memories.


  1. It's fun to explore what inspired us. I get a sense of the teacher's character by the way she is interacting with the student. Lovely image!

  2. I like the composition and the colors on this one Jane! You've really done a great job capturing the character!