Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The beginning of summer vacation

This illustration is a tribute to the beginning of summer and the break from my school schedule. Looking forward to a productive time of focusing on some new (and old) projects. I've got my summer studio set up---card table on the screened-in porch, some sharpened pencils, and a pile of blank paper. The possibilities always seem endless on the first day of summer vacation!


  1. Yippeee for SUMMER! I love her hair....and the straw too1
    Happy Summer to you. Sounds great to have a summer studio...great idea.

  2. Eden and Briar have that straw... or well, something close to it. Briar's is blue and Eden's is green! They love them.

    Great picture, and here's to summer *clink a large frozen margarita here*.

  3. Hya Jane, karen sent me here, beautiful work you have, very serene and you have captured a serene blissful moment here superbly.

  4. That's some straw - I like how it is echoed in her hair.