Thursday, January 12, 2012

Art Shows

It's a little early for Valentine's Day but I wanted to mention that I will have some work in the "Love, Lust, and Desire" show at the McGowan Fine Art gallery in Concord, NH. The show runs from January 31--February 17 this year. All the pieces are no larger than 8 1/2" x 11", unframed and affordable. The link is
When I looked on their site, I was excited and pleased to see that one of my illustrations, "Yoga Mouse", had already been sold.


  1. Oh Jane pigs are my favourites and that painting is just adorable. I also L*O*V*E the dear guinea pig one on that site. You must have owned GPs as you have managed to capture the sheer joy these wonderful creatures bring? I had them as pets as a child and then my children owned some when young.They gave us so many happy times, just the noises they make are brilliant! Great memories!
    Jane x

  2. Jane---how right you are! I was GP obsessed as a child! We had Nibbles and Cuddles and their babies. They always squealed when the refrigerator door opened--wanting carrots and lettuce. My daughters also had one when they were little---they really make good pets!