Friday, May 4, 2012


This is my cat, Sadie, hanging out next to my desk. When I'm working on the computer or painting at my table, she often sits nearby. Other times, she gets in my way by walking over the keyboard, blocking the computer screen, or whacking me in the face with her fluffy tail. 

Below is a pen and ink with watercolor that I did a few years ago. She has very irregular markings which I find make her challenging to draw.

Recently I completed a reduction block print of a cat named Billy, who lives in the UK with his owner, Jane and her husband. I couldn't resist making a print from a photo that Jane had posted on her blog,      Jane's Journal
Billy has wonderful markings that made him a perfect subject for a print. I used one "soft-cut" block to create this 5-colored image (white, gray, light brown, dark brown, and black). The challenge was keeping the layers registered properly while printing, and figuring out what areas needed to be carved away before inking each new color.

I'm currently working on the jigsaw flower print that I posted recently, but I'm sure another cat print won't be far behind.


  1. and what a fantastic print you made of our Billy Jane! It is sitting in a frame above the famous chair and is admired by all (including Billy!) I was very interested to hear how you had to layer up the must be very delicate work. It's great to meet your cat Sadie and I know what you mean about them getting in the way, Billy likes to sit right in front of my computer screen and I cannot even see what I am typing. At the moment he is just as seen in his print, snoozing on his chair. Have a great weekend,
    Jane x

  2. Love the print! And Sadie is beautiful as well; I find that cats make the best studio buddies.