Saturday, June 2, 2012


On a hot summer day, you have to hurry to get your cone under control before it melts!

Today is definitely not a hot summer day! It's been pouring since the early am, and it feels raw and cool outside. I spent part of the day working at the local co-op gallery I belong to in town. The rain spoiled the town's scheduled "Old Home Day" celebration, and what we hoped would be a busy day at the gallery. Oh well, it is what it is---there will be better days ahead!


  1. Sweet! I like how hopeful that puppy looks :)

  2. Summer hasn't really started yet so, yes, I suspect you will be in for better days! Your illo is SO cute. I love all the details, and the postures of both the girl and the sweet, expectant doggie are perfect. It is pure summer!!

  3. Aww! Very sweet. Also I want an ice cream cone. Really great the way you have one foot turned in, and the dog's expectant body language is great! I don't think he'll have to wait long. That thing is huge and melting. ;)