Sunday, October 28, 2012


It was probably not the best decision to eat so much Halloween candy before bed.

We're anticipating some bad weather for the next few days while hurricane Sandy makes its way into our area. Hopefully we'll only see a lot of rain and moderate wind. Last year on Halloween, we had a freak 2 foot snowstorm that postponed Trick or Treat, and closed schools for a few days. This year it's a hurricane. Glad to get out this afternoon for a nice walk, and enjoy the last remnants of foliage. I imagine the rest of the leaves will be blown off the trees by the time we see the sunshine again.


  1. Stay safe Jane...that is one haunting hurricane on it's way. Love the drawing....;-)
    Jane x

  2. Oh dear, I hope he doesn't wake up with a tummy ache! I don't think I could eat enough candy to have nightmares about it. But I'm not going to try, either. :) Stay safe!

  3. Aw cute. Loving your pumpkin painting for "water" too!