Sunday, March 24, 2013


Illustration Friday "swim"

It's been a busy weekend---I worked on my print "The Nest" in my friday night class as I needed to get it done for the NH Art Association Print Show drop-off on Sunday. Saturday I went back to the Institute to pick up the prints from the drying rack, and headed to AC Moore for the frame, then down to the hardware store for a piece of glass. I measured and cut the mat, then spent time trying to pick out the best print for the show. I taped the contenders onto the dining room wall, and had my husband and daughter pick the one they liked the best. We came to a consensus, even though I was still wavering Sunday morning when I finally put the frame together. I had a pleasant drive to drop off the print as it was a beautiful sunny day with temperatures in the high 40's. I'm listening to the Audiobook, Pillars of the Earth, right now, so I don't mind being in my car, as the book is very entertaining and as it deals with many characters, plots, and the building of a cathedral in the Middle Ages. I just finished another Ken Follet book, Fall of Giants, and have the next book in the series, Winter of the World, waiting in the wings.

I'll post an image my new print this week as soon as it dries completely and I can put it on the scanner. If that doesn't happen I'll take some pictures with my camera. Well it's almost 10pm, and I'm just happy to  have gotten my Illustration Friday drawing posted before the weekend ended.

Think Spring!


  1. Great swimmer there Jane. I really look forward to seeing the print you selected. I am thinking spring but seeing winter...;0) x

  2. This is great! Love how you've conveyed the under-water feeling!