Monday, April 22, 2013

Illustration Friday "train"

It's time to train for the big race!

It has been a tough week for so many people. The Boston Marathon bombings really hit home for everyone here and around the world. The senseless tragedy of April 15th, and the subsequent five days of uncertainty about the perpetrators has left this area a bit unsettled, but proud of the courage and resilience displayed by so many. My niece and her boyfriend were at the finish line when the first bomb went off, and fortunately ran in the right direction as the second one exploded, and were not injured. My daughter who works  in the area was out of harm's way, and for that I am grateful!

I have started off the first day of my April vacation week with an early morning yoga class, and a leisurely cup of tea here at the computer. I'm looking forward to getting a few things done around the house, and having some time to read the library books I've downloaded onto my Kindle. I think it's also time to pull out the spring wardrobe. Include a trip to an art museum with friends, a little fun shopping with birthday money, and time to finish my print for the swap, and it should be a good week.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy week!


  1. Yes, a good week for all. Last week was rough. May we all make lots of art, and get outside and breathe the fresh air. This is a sweet drawing. I want to cheer for that boy!

  2. Thank goodness that terrible week is over Jane and how lucky your niece ran the right way. Let's hope life gets back to normality and enjoy your time off work. Your plans sound perfect x

  3. Great work, this looks like something out of an old book :)