Tuesday, June 4, 2013

"sweet days of summer"

Ahhh....the sweet days of summer!

We had a lovely heat wave over the past weekend. The temperatures rose into the 90's for 3 days, and it felt great after being cool and rather damp the week before. I'd rather be a little warm than shivering and having to run the furnace in May! This week we're back to nice, normal temperatures in the 70's which makes for delightfully good sleeping weather, as well as a cooler classroom! A couple more weeks of school, then glorious vacation! I'm looking forward to having more time to work on art projects and organizing my office/studio, as well as taking a little trip to California with friends.


  1. Beautiful drawing, I can feel the wind and nice deep perspective. Like the modern soda/timeless image feel, too.

  2. Love the drawing. Maybe I'm especially feeling it because I got to see the ocean this week, but it's hard not to feel happy at the beach!