Sunday, November 17, 2013

"Tail" Illustration Friday

Illustration Friday (pony)"tails"

I wasn't one of those little girls who drew horses all the time, so I'm hoping my rendering of a horse's behind is somewhat accurate.

Raw and rainy here today. Kind of drab now that the autumn leaves have browned up and fallen off many of the trees. I'm looking forward to a field trip this week to the MFA, and having a tour of the John Singer Sergeant watercolor exhibit. It is supposed to be sunny but cold in the 30's.

I've been working on a sunflower print for a while, and am finally getting closer to the end. I'll post some images of the process in my next post.


  1. My experience is, that if you tried to take that picture, it would become potty time.

  2. Very cute and accurate tail illustration..

  3. The horse's rear looks fine. It's a round pony, to go with the girl's round bottom too. And all the bony parts are hidden by the grass, which is fine, as the grass reflects both the tail and the girl's hair. Fun illustration!