Friday, October 10, 2014


For this week's Illustration Friday post, I am submitting an illustration I created for a book named "Solomon Starbucks Striper" written by Roy Rowan. This illustration depicted an underwater statue in the sunken "Andrea Doria" guarded by an octopus named Philoctopus.

Solomon S. Striper

It's nice to be ending a busy week without a lot on the agenda for the weekend. I need to pick another bag of apples, and make some applesauce and apple crisp. I wish I had Columbus Day off on Monday to extend the weekend a bit, but not this year. Enjoying the peak of the autumn leaves' bright colors. It has been a successful year for tourism here as the trees have been exceptionally beautiful and the weather fairly pleasant! 


  1. Wow Jane what a fab illustration. I'm glad you are enjoying some lovely weather, even the trees here are basking in some lovely colours. Enjoy your weekend x