Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Illustration Friday "Passion"

I'm enjoying a snowy day at home, with a cup of tea, and birds fluttering around the feeders. While many areas nearer the coast are experiencing a nasty blizzard, we are seeing less wind and lower amounts of accumulation. It's still pretty wild out there, but nothing a New England native would get too worked up about. We have had a cold winter so far, but not a snowy one. It looks like the pattern may be changing, as there are indications of more snow events in the week ahead.

I dropped off my entry for the Minumental Show yesterday at the gallery at NHIA. Hopefully, my tiny butterfly print will sell for the amazing price of $35. I got some positive feedback on the mini print, so will look through my photos for other images to try. The printing of the tiny print isn't too difficult, but the carving is tricky. I need to find a small tool that would help to cut small circular shapes. I'm picturing a tiny straw-like piece. Any ideas?

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