Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Laughing Gulls Print

I signed up for a "print exchange" through the Sketchbook Project this summer. The directions were to make an edition of 11 prints for the exchange.  The paper size had to be 5" x 7" so the actual print will be smaller. One print will be kept for their library, and the rest will be sent to 10 other people involved in this project. I will also receive 10 random prints from all over the world. I've done one of these before, and it's exciting to see how other artists interpret the theme, which this time is "Greetings From A Distant Land". 

I used a vinyl-rubber "Gomuban"plate,  Akua Inks, and Rives Light paper for this image. I did not use a press this time (like I did for the lobster print), as I was home and wanted to see how the Gomuban plate printed by hand. Not bad.

Here is the finished print of Laughing Gulls.

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