Tuesday, November 3, 2015

"Bouquet" Illustration Friday Post


Just finished a quick sketch for Illustration Friday. I used a charcoal pencil for this drawing, and like the way the textures came out. I did another drawing in graphite pencil for last week's topic, and while I love drawing in pencil, I find that the darker values and contrast are hard to achieve. Usually I switch to a black Prismacolor pencil after the initial sketch, as it doesn't smudge, and can go quite dark.

Last week's topic was "Adventure" but I didn't get it posted in time, so will post it here, a week late. you can see the difference in the pencil and the charcoal.

So far the first week of November has been very pleasant! Mild and sunny days for most of it. The foliage is still pretty, although a lot of leaves are on the ground now. I've been trying to get out and enjoy the weather, but now that we have changed to daylight savings, it is already pretty dark by 5pm. Still, I enjoy the changing seasons, and the setting sun made a beautiful pink and purple sky last night as I finished up my walk.