Sunday, July 17, 2016

a new print and a trip to Maine

It has been a busy early half of the summer, and I'm finally home from my travels with the sorority girls. Thirty-five+ years, and we are still having fun!

     A couple of sights from the Marginal Way in Ogunquit Maine

I also finished a block print of my cat "Wiley," right before I went away for my beach vacation.

 The plate with all the white areas carved away
 First layer of gray
 second layer
Final print

Poor Wiley is laying low today, as it's very hot and humid here! It has been a glorious summer so far, but we really do need more rain! There is a prediction for a few thunder showers tonight but the 10 day forecast shows little chance of rain through next weekend. I don't like air conditioning, but I may
have to break down and put the unit in our bedroom.

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  1. Very nice print of Wiley! I'm not a big fan of air conditioning either but it's necessary sometimes. Feels great to walk outside and warm the bones from time to time though!