Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Happy Birthday Dad!


Looking forward to a special birthday dinner with my dad and other family members! I feel so fortunate to have great parents who have always been supportive and a big part of my life!

I had an enjoyable day at the "Uncommon Art on the Common" event this past weekend. I don't do a lot of fairs, but this one is in town, and I like supporting Art Team who put this whole thing together. We have been having very hot and humid weather this summer, as well as a drought from lack of rain. Of course there was a little rain while we were setting up, and threats of thunderstorms, but we lucked out and managed to have a storm-free afternoon. I sold some of my work, and explained the process of reduction block printing to anyone who would listen!

I didn't have these "buoy" prints at the show, as I am still working on them. For this design, I am working with three small blocks at a time. I've been experimenting with different color combinations for the backgrounds and the buoys themselves. I also printed a few on black paper which produces a different texture and more contrast in the white.

Some rain is falling now, which is great for the plants and lawn, but the heat wave is coming back for the next four or five days, so will enjoy the cooler weather today!

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  1. Happy to know about this birthday party. Couple of months ago, I arranged my mom’s birthday party at one of beautiful LA event venues. Ordered a 2-tier mixed fruit birthday cake and invited all our family and friends. We all had good time there.