Sunday, January 22, 2017

Goffstown Stream Print

I've been working on this print for a month or so, in between other projects, the holidays, and my day job. I had done a smaller image of this same stream in black and white last year, but I wanted to do a larger one with more layers. This is a reduction block print, using only one easy cut block.

Transferring the image from tracing paper onto the block by placing the pencil sketch face down and rubbing the back with a wooden spoon.

Wiley likes to hang out and watch me work
 Carving out the white areas.    


Cutting out more areas of the block

  This is the the third color, after layers of blue gray and light gray. I plan on adding one more dark color to complete the print.


  1. How wonderful this is Jane, I loved seeing the process. An amazing winter forest scene. I really chuckled when I saw that Wiley had dozed wonderful are our cats. Keep warm, hugs xxx

  2. Beautiful! I like seeing the process too.