Saturday, December 7, 2019

December News

As usual, December is a busy month! I've found myself with artworks in four different exhibits, including our annual sale at one of the artists' home. I've been busy preparing my work for the show--getting works matted, priced, and packaged. It's always a fun event, taking over the house and turning it into a "pop up" gallery!

Meanwhile, I'm trying to finish the linoleum block print of the boats, that I started earlier in the fall. 


Hopefully, I'll have the completed print in my next post! I just printed a dark layer for some of the shadows, but will be using a light gray for the next layer as I want to create the illusion of fog. I forgot how hard it is to carve into linoleum, even with sharp blades. The linoleum is sturdy, and holds up well through multiple times through the printing press, but is a bit tiring on the wrist.

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  1. Hi Jane, great to see you posting and your lovely work. Glad to see you are keeping busy and happy. Merry Christmas! Hugs xx