Monday, April 27, 2020

Spring Break

Technically, this is my Spring Break---April Vacation, but it feels like Spring is actually taking a break itself, and leaving Winter to fill in. There are snowflakes in tonight's forecast, and it's damp and raw outside today! I'm always complaining about New England weather, but this really isn't a new  phenomenon. Every year, Spring drags it's feet, until one day, Summer takes over, and just like that, we're in shorts, tee shirts, and flip flops.

This year, as the pandemic creates havoc around the world, one has to appreciate the little things that can still be enjoyed. Watching the goldfinches turn the brightest yellow. digging in the various beds in the garden, and finding new growth amidst last Fall's withered stalks and leaves, are simple pleasures.
Getting out on the rail trail for long walks, and doing on-line yoga in the house, have been mental health refreshers. Discovering ways to stay in touch with friends and family through video chats, and wide apart hangouts in the back yard, have also been essential. Trying to focus on the positive, and expressing gratitude to the people who are on the frontline of this crisis, makes me realize that I have a lot to be thankful for!

As seen on my walks in April

As my school district has converted to "Remote Learning" (like most everyone else), I've been trying to teach art without the hand-on, face-to-face lessons that are the norm. Fortunately, there are so many resources available on line. I'm thankful for all the museums that are giving virtual tours, organizations that are conducting useful webinars, and art teachers themselves who are sharing ideas, support, and their own work. 

After assigning my Drawing classes a Landscape project, I did one of my own, using the picture above as inspiration.

It needs a few tweaks in the background, but mostly finished.

The next step for this drawing will be to convert it into an 8" x 10" reduction block print. I'm using tracing paper now, to define the image that will be transferred to the "soft-cut" block. 

This will be the project for the coming week. I'll try to get the next steps posted in a timely manner, so you can see the process. 

Stay Healthy!

Jane T

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