Wednesday, April 21, 2010

IF "Detective"

The squirrel had to become a detective to find the acorns he had hidden earlier.


  1. Hi Jane, this is cute. hope the little guy finds his buried treasure! have a nice day, heather

  2. Oh, so adorable and funny! I had the chance to see some squirrels today, and I must say they have a special way of hopping and moving around!! Your picture reminds me of that!! :)

    Nice capture!

  3. This is a very cute squirrel. Unlike the evil menace I have in our yard, that keeps chewing through the string that holds up the bird feeder in order to have it crash to the ground dumping all the seed all about for him to eat all up. Urgh. Three times!!

    Um, yeah, sorry I digress. Your squirrel however is cute and oh so sweet. You've got a great way of drawing fur!!