Sunday, August 19, 2012

Illustration Friday "teacher"

Summer break is almost over, and next week I'll be back in the classroom again. I can't believe I've been an art teacher for about 30 years, and on top of that, I've literally been in some type of classroom every year since I was five and in kindergarten. Of course I always loved my art teachers, and I don't regret that I followed that path for a career. Every new year brings its challenges, but it also brings the rewards of working with students and helping them discover their own unique creative voices. This may sound sappy, but every once in a while when I observe our students really engaged in the process of creating their works, I think---- this is the best job ever.


  1. Ooh, this tugs at the heartstrings... I hope you have a wonderful year! I want to hear every little thing, it will help me to feel still connected with teaching school! I think I might miss it this year! Your painting is wonderful. I love the enthusiastic pose of the teacher.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments---enjoy your new adventures outside of the classroom. I enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing the new piece you are working on!

  2. Hi Jane, this is a very beautiful illustration!

  3. Beautiful! You have a very cool, "homey" style!

  4. I don't remember my art teachers but I always loved art class! I imagine your students will remember you. This illustration is charming. It makes me want an easel! Have a great school year!

  5. I admire you educators so much! Congratulations on a wonderful illustration, and a beautiful career!
    PS I loved every one of my art teachers :)