Saturday, February 8, 2014

New Projects

Printmaking class has started up again, so I'm working on a few new projects.

The sunset landscape is from a picture I took recently while out walking around town. The sky was so dramatic-looking with all the silhouettes of the trees, cemetery monuments, and hills. I'm going to be printing on black paper so I'm cutting out all the black areas now. 

I'm also working on a print of an iris. They bloom in my yard in early summer, and I love the colors. I'd like to do a few more flower prints and cards as spring approaches. I'm tired of the snow and freezing temperatures we've been having this winter, so in anticipation of warmer days, I'm going to focus on the blooms to come. 


  1. Some days I will spend hours drawing beautiful flowers, helps get through the really cold days!

  2. Wonderful plans, photos and drawings Jane, I look forward to seeing your inspiration come to life x