Monday, February 17, 2014


Illustration Friday "twisted"
I plan on adding some watercolor to this piece, but I also like the black and white version.

Making the best of multiple snow days by working on projects. I also took some time to go snowshoeing on Saturday with one of my friends. We're getting out of school early tomorrow as there is another storm coming in the afternoon. The weather service is predicting anywhere from 4--8 inches.

I had a fun time the other day watching a very determined squirrel try to get seeds out of the squirrel-proof feeder. He kept falling off and coming back multiple times. In this picture, he looks a little irritated and ready to give me a scolding.


  1. That snowshoeing looks great fun Jane but I am not sure about all the snow! Wow...take care. Your twisted tree is gorgeous...I really love trees and must admit spend hours looks at their shapes and in winter I always think that the bare branches looks like the bronci in lungs!! x

  2. I think I've been sharing your snow. I couldn't get out of my driveway yesterday, but today it's supposed to be warm and melt off. I'll be so glad when it's spring again. I like your drawing. Makes me think of Halloween with the birds, but the colors you choose might change that. I like seeing things in progress.

  3. Your twisted tree is wonderful just as it is, even if you don't put color on it. The pencil lines have such a nice texture to them!

  4. Love the twisted and gnarled tree! Yup, we're buried here too! :(