Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Danger--Cuteness Alert!

                                                           Danger--Cuteness Alert

Watch out! This is what happens when you go to the animal shelter just to look. Of course there's a cat there to steal your heart. Today I brought home "Polly". She's a ten week old gray and white kitten with interesting markings. She sort of looks like a little fox from the side, as she has a rather pointed snout. So far we've had some play time, but now she's sleeping under a chair. I think all this excitement of finding a home has worn her out!


  1. Oh I'm so delighted to see Polly...welcome to a lovely home sweet kitty. Enjoy your new family member Jane....we do love our cats don't we ;0) Happy July x

  2. The house was feeling empty without a cat in it! Happy July to you too!