Monday, July 6, 2015

Solarplate Printing

I'm taking a Printmaking class this summer, and one of the types of prints I wanted to work on was Solarplate. Solarplate etchings are made by exposing a drawing done on acetate to a light sensitive plate. Here is an example of a print I pulled last week. The drawing is from a photograph I took in May when I was visiting the Portland Head Light. The fog was settled in out over the water, but not on the land.
Spent a fun weekend in Boston visiting with friends who were in the area for a few days. Got to go to the amazing fireworks display on the the 4th! It was a beautiful weekend weather wise, not too warm or humid. We did a lot of walking especially around the North End, the Greenway, Faneuil Hall, and the Waterfront District.  I measured 9.88 miles on my Fit Bit tracker just on Saturday!


  1. Gorgeous print Jane. It sounds like you're having a fun summer x

  2. love the result of print here. Just gave a workshop in Solar plate in Kenora ON two weeks ago. Have a few printers now wanting to explore more intaglio using this method.