Thursday, July 23, 2020

Mid-summer Life

Despite a very warm July, I'm still trying to get some work done in my studio. Thank goodness for cooling fans! I love my view of the backyard as I work, and it's a quiet space, as my husband is still working from home. My cat Wiley, enjoys hanging out with me, even though she steals my swivel chair whenever I stand up.

I've been trying to finish up a few block prints that need to be completed before I move on to something else. I had some issues with the ink I used on the "boats" print. I used a combination of Akua and Daniel Smith inks, and it doesn't want to 100% dry. There is still some "stickiness" in areas, so I have to keep them hanging individually until that disappears.

For this print, I've used colored pencils to add a tint of color in areas. I figured I'd experiment as it needs something more for definition.

The "Winter Blues" design of bluebirds at my feeder, has also been challenging in terms of finding the right colors, and the way the various layers interact with each other. Warm and cool color tones can be tricky when placed on top of each other, as it can dull the intensity of the individual colors.

The newest print that I'm finishing is "Goffstown Brook". I started drawing out the design back in March, and didn't have much time while still doing remote learning to work on it. It's pretty much completed now, but I'm still contemplating adding one more layer to darken up the last layer.

In spite of the pandemic, I've had some enjoyable outings in local areas. I had a fun day at Sunapee State Park while trying out my new inflatable paddle board. While it's supposed to be a stand up board, I spent most of my time on my knees!

Hope everyone is staying well, and finding ways to enjoy the summer!

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