Wednesday, September 9, 2020

September Notes

 August sped by in a blur of hot, sunny days this year! With the pandemic still a concern, we stayed closer to home than usual, so the yard and garden got  a lot of tending.  I still haven't learned my lesson about growing tomatoes. For all the work, I never get much of a crop! The cherry tomatoes are my best producers, while the other ones kind of wilt away, and get rotten spots. We have a fabulous farmstand up the road, so in the future I should just buy what I need from them! Happily, I have better success with sunflowers and hydrangea.

In my new retired life, I'm enjoying the flexibility of setting my own schedule! So many projects to work on, and so many things to organize. I finished sanding and painting a couple old bureaus in an effort to revamp the guest room. 

My studio is a small space, and I am trying not to let art supplies, frames, and tools migrate into the rest of the house! Artists are notorious collectors of interesting, inspirational, and useful materials. I love old memorabilia and family history artifacts too. Fortunately my genealogy stuff fits into file cabinets, and is easier to keep in order.

            Doesn't everyone need pictures of their ancestors posing for the camera!

Here's to a new month of new adventures! Get out and enjoy the sunshine before the days get shorter!

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